March 28, 2011

Satan's Children

No it's not the name of the latest thrash metal rock band from Los Angeles, not even the title of a song by Iron Maiden. Its just what I entitled the image below. But now that I am writing this blog entry I Googled Satan's Children, and it is actually the name of a Horror Thriller from 1975 starring Stephen White, obviously before he became the Lancashire Recorder and warden for the Lancashire Wildlife Trust at Seaforth. I tried then to get a review from the master of evil himself the BBC 5-Live film critic Mark Kermode, but he has not written one. Further searching of 'Satan's Children' on the BBC website then brought up a result that was even stranger than this blog entry, a Celtic v Rangers fixture from 2009. You see all kinds of strange shit happens when you mess with Satan.

Anyway they may look like Satan's children but they are actually Crab-eating Macaques Macaca fascicularis taken at the beach resort of Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand. I spent a great afternoon photographing them whilst on holiday last month. It was a large troop consisting of 40 or so primates. This troop used to come down to a stream adjacent to the beach in the afternoons and were a big attraction to the tourisits who sometimes got too close to them. Not as close this lady got. The troop were very boisterous and playful with each other in the stream. Some of the more dominant males were very noisy and a bit scary if they got too close.  I sat down on the sand to take some pictures and one large male decided to come over and investigate what I was up to. Aware that a large male was coming over I loudly hissed at it, but this guy was not scared and stood up to its full height and barked at me before exposing some rather large fangs - scary! I barked back, stood up and waved my arms at it forcing it to retreat as well as providing some entertainment for the compact camera toting, bikini clad tourists.

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