August 29, 2016

Using the Adjustment Palette in Photoshop

Over the last few years I have had a play in the adjustments palette of Photoshop to create what some call photo art. Often for me it was about turning a high contrast and often unusable image into something else. I have had some of them printed in my annual Photo Yearbook and the look smart. I know that this technique is not for everyone, and some are more vocal than others about their dislike of the technique, but I enjoy playing around with different editing techniques. I'm no Photoshop or photographic expert but I enjoy what I do.

Below is a really poor image of a building that I took in Hong Kong in 2009. The weather was mostly like this white skies for all the time I was there. So this image has just remained in the Hong Kong archive since 2009. I really should have deleted as it is next to useless

So before I delete the file I will see if it can be rescued using Lightroom and or Photoshop and then see if it is suitable for a muck about with it in the adjustments palette. I find that high key or contrast images work best with this technique. Just where is the adjustments palette in Photoshop and how do I get the sort of images I have been posting I was asked today.

If you like what this technique can create, then have a look at a folder of images I have on Flickr

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